The first relay swim crossing in the Strait of Bonifacio

On Sunday 26 September the first swimming crossing of the Strait of Bonifacio took place in the relay formula.

Six swimmers with different experiences in open water swimming teamed up and swam a part of the route from Corsica to Sardinia.

If on the eve the idea of making the entire crossing alone would have been unthinkable, the solution of organizing it as a team, together with other friends and fans, has allowed everyone to experience the thrill of the Strait of Bonifacio. This even if individually they have less experience over long distances.

Relay swim crossing, before to start
Relay swim crossing, before the start of the race (ph Claudio Muzzetto)

Six Italian swimmers from Bologna were involved and while participating in the NAL Open Water Swimming Campus they successfully tried to make the crossing. Benedetta Masiello, Carlotta Lamieri, Lorenza Paolo, Rita Nanetti, Roberto Oppi and Stefano Davolio are the six Italian swimming friends.

The whole group swam in the Strait of Bonifacio without any idea and record ambition. Just the desire to enjoy every moment of the swim with other friends in a famous stretch of sea, exceptionally calm for the occasion.

All started to swim the first kilometer or so, the swimmers alternated according to the assigned shifts, and then all together concluded the last kilometer close to the Sardinian coast and reached the beach of Rena Bianca. Upon arrival, the staff welcomed the group of swimmers with joy and some people present in the area applauded them, as befits any swimmer who challenges himself in the Strait of Bonifacio.

Each of the six swimmers has their own swimming history that is different from the others. In these days of Campus they have been able to increase team spirit and put it into practice in creating an exciting swim, in a suggestive place and in a day with intense colors that the Strait of Bonifacio can offer.