Authorizations management
We will take care of organizing all the bureaucratic aspects necessary for the crossing and requesting administrative permits for the swim.
Your collaboration in this phase will be limited to providing us with copies of your identification documents and registration forms.

Health insurance
It will not help but to be cautious and always the best solution. In the event of a claim, we activate accident insurance.

Research and coordination boat
We find the boat including the skipper who will support you throughout the swim and with whom to make the transfer at the start point of the swim crossing.
For groups with more boats and for the race we will take care of coordinating the best progress of the crossing for everyone.

Transfer from the hotel to the boats – FOR RACE ONLY
We organize the logistics to go from Santa Teresa Gallura to the meeting point with the boats, among which there will also be your assigned one.

Transport and management of your swimming luggage
Your luggage that you will leave on the boat before starting the crossing, you will find it on the beach after your arrival.

Technical Assistance
We take care of planning and coordinating all technical aspects before, during and after the crossing, as well as resolving any problems that may arise.

First Aid Assistance
Safety first of all. We organize the event with the aim that every swimmer can perform the crossing in complete tranquility. We plan in advance how to secure the participants and be ready in case of rescue.

Refreshments at the end of the event – RACE ONLY
We also think about providing drinking water upon arrival. After several hours spent in salt water, having fresh water to drink is important.

Changing area and shower – RACE ONLY
We will provide a sheltered area where you can change and take a shower.

Photo shoot of the crossing and athletes
During the crossing and afterwards, there will be a base professional photo shoot to remember your swim in the Strait of Bonifacio.

Delivery of photos
Once the photos have been published, you can ask us to receive 20 in large format for printing, while the others we can send you in a reduced format suitable for the web and digital media.

Video shot of the crossing
During the event there will be a crew of videomakers who will record the crossing.
For Private Crossing this is an additional service.

Video interviews with swimmers
At the end of the day we interview the swimmers after the crossing to immortalize the experience in the Strait of Bonifacio

At the end of the crossing you will receive a souvenir of the crossing, which includes the Official Polo Shirt of the Strait of Bonifacio

A recognized judge certifies the swim, verifies that the regulations are respected, records the time taken to complete the crossing of the Strait of Bonifacio and makes it official.

Crossing Certificate
At the end of the crossing the certified certificate is given to the swimmer.

Strait of Bonifacio Ranking profile
A card of the swimmer who attempted or completed the crossing is created, showing photos, presentation and personal result.

Recording of the crossing time in the official ranking
A certified and recognized judge records the time taken to make the crossing, which will be officially registered and published in the official ranking on

Basic NAL Advice of 60 minutes during the preparation period
A Coach organizes an online session to advise the group of swimmers on how to best structure their athletic training.

Body impedance analysis
One of our technicians performs the impedance analysis of the body to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your nutrition. For Private Crossing this is an additional service.

Nutritional and supplementary advice
One of our technicians can best advise you which nutritional strategies can be adopted based on your sporting needs and the preparation you follow. For Private Crossing this is an additional service.