Plo-Iversenc Roger, Strait of Bonifacio swimmer

Born: 30 October 1957
Gender: Man
Country: France
Crossing Year: 2022
Time: 7 hours 15 minutes 10 seconds
Neoprene swimsuit: NO

Open water is a real space of freedom in contact with the natural elements. This discipline also allows you to have a goal during pool training where counting pool tiles can be a monotonous languor.
I’m an eclectic sportsman, swimming was for me a means of XXL rehabilitation following heavy and old joint problems due to bone damage… and a dozen surgeries…successful!

Here in the Strait of Bonifacio, three of us started from a different level. With Clémence and Cyrille we swam together for a long time and I’m happy because all three of us arrived, giving our contribution together with the Nogent Natation 94 to support the Petit Cœur de Beurre association.
All this with the support of our families and our loved ones, who had to undergo our various states of mind throughout the year of gestation of the project!

And for all those, a wonderful quote from Francis Bacon: “Friendship doubles the joys and reduces the sorrows“.

(Roger Plo-Iversenc, July 2022)