Delevaud Cyrille, Strait of Bonifacio swimmer

Born: 15 July 1972
Gender: Man
Country: France
Crossing Year: 2022
Time: 6 hours 39 minutes 30 seconds
Neoprene swimsuit: NO

I am allowed to swim. I am fond of sports since I am young. I practiced swimming, running, triathlon and then modern pentathlon during 3 years (medal at the Junior French Championship).
I still practice running a bit (especially for Odyssea association) and swimming a lot. I have been participating to open water events for 7 years now.

I like the freedom, the relation with the nature, the water freshness and also the pleasant atmosphere with the swimmers. It is also a great challenge to go each time further (1 km then 2 then 3 till 5 km Paris Open swim, till now 15 Km. I had the opportunity, at least at the start, with champions as Aurélie Muller, Marc Antoine Olivier, Axel Raymond and Theo Curtin recently.

After my start with Cergy Club (with my coach Fabrice and my friend Vianney who did the Channel Cross this year), I have been now swimming for 1 year with the Nogent Natation 94 lead before by Daphne Branly and now Anne Crosnier (2 great president). It is a real great club, especially the master team, I swim with: Good level and very good atmosphere.

We did a lot of events together (French championships, Paris open swim, Monte Cristo …). Good emulation and very nice ambiance. Thanks to them, because they trained with me, especially for the add-on in order to be ready for the great challenge

Daphne, the previous president proposed on What’app the Strait of Bonifacio a Saturday in November. Once I saw the message, I said let’s go. I did not know how but I knew it will be a a good challenge and a nice story. I met Roger who explained me the reason of this challenge (for Alma for @Petitcoeurdebeurre). I was really convinced. We prepared this project seriously with Daphné and Roger with all our implications and strengths.

Personally, I have to train a lot (between 3 to 5 trainings a week, between 9 to 20 km swum a week) helped by a great Coach Clement Angot, who gave us great devices on all disciplines: swimming of course, but also physical, nutritional and psychological advice. It was also a personal challenge / Birthday present as I was 50 Years old one day before leaving to Sardinia.

Once we arrived In Sardinia, we had also a great backing from Alessandro from NAL Strait of Bonifacio organisation during 1 week. A lot of practical advices in swimming, organisation and preparation but also in cooking (ah those Carbonara). A great thank also to you.

During the strait, we applied all the received advice and even with different level, we were pleased to swim together to achieve the challenge. Thank Clemence to have waited for us. It was a real pleasant moment, challenging with the stream, the time in water (6h40) and the jellyfishes (nice kiss and souvenir on my arm) but pleased to be together and to swim for petit coeur de beurre. We were pleased to finish it together. A great achieved challenge team.

I was also pleased to live this personal challenge with my wife Sophie and my daughter, Juliette who really helped me during this project and during the Strait.
I think also a lot to my parents, who really helped and trust me all my life. And I would like to dedicate this challenge success to my Dad Pierre, died a few days before the Strait. You were with me, daddy. Love for Ever!

(Cyrille Delevaud, July 2022)