WOSZEK Szymon, All of Fame swimmer  that crossed the Strait of Bonifacio

Born: 12 November 2004
Gender: Man
Country: Poland
Crossing Year: 2023
Time: 4 h 40 min 41 sec
Neoprene swimsuit: NO

I’m an athlete and enjoy any kind of physical activity, but I’ve always been drawn to swimming. During the coronavirus pandemic, my coach (Grzegorz “Greg” Radomski) suggested training together in a lake (pools were closed at the time) and that’s how I got to know swimming all over again – open-water swimming. It was something completely different and more interesting for me than wall-to-wall swimming in a pool.
Our first joint project with the coach was to swim across the Bay of Gdansk in a swim (which we succeeded in 2022), and the second was to swim Bonifacio. Why Bonifacio? It was our first idea to swim across this strait, but at the time I had no open water experience, so we decided to do something different.
However, once I had gained experience in open-water swimming then my coach and I decided to try our hand at it.
The swim itself wasn’t the easiest ( strong waves, steaming jellyfish off Corsica and less time to prepare due to school), but I will definitely remember it very well. Who knows, maybe I’ll swim Bonifacio again another time?

(Woszek Szymon June 2023)

Crossing Strait of Bonifacio, Track of WOSZEK Szymon
Swim Crossing Track of Strait of Bonifacio by Woszek Szymon