RADOMSKI Grzegorz, All of Fame swimmer  that crossed the Strait of Bonifacio

Born: 23 February 1984
Gender: Man
Country: Poland
Crossing Year: 2023
Time: 4 h 40 min 40 sec
Neoprene swimsuit: NO

I am a swimmer and swim coach. I’ve swum the English Channel, the Strait of Gibraltar and some other open water distances.
Swimming in open water is much more adventure than in the pool, it is an expierience work with your body and cooperate with the nature, that’s why we love it. Togheter with Szymon we decided to swim the Bonifacio Strait because we wanted to achieve some international open water distances. We tried to contact with ACNEG, the federation to cross the Strait of Gibraltar, but with no answer, so we decided to contact NAL to swim from France to Italy.
During our crossing we were 100% secured by a team from first day of coming to Sardignia till the end. Water temperature was perfect, not too warm not cold at all, waves were quite bigger than we expected but they didn’t tired us that much.
Swimming in that kind of water reminds to use the nature force, such as waves, the current instead of whole your power in your shoulders. It was a great and pleasure expierience.

(Grzegorz Radomski, June 2023)

Crossing Strait of Bonifacio, Track of  RADOMSKI Grzegorz
Swim Crossing Track of Strait of Bonifacio by Radomski Grzegorz