Spada Alessandro, Strait of Bonifacio swimmer

Born: 18 May 1974
Gender: Man
Country: Italy
Crossing Year: 2018, 2019
Time: 04 h 46 min 00 sec – 2018;
Out Of Ranking (no time) – 2019
Neoprene swimsuit: NO

I live in Forlì and I approached swimming as an adult and I always practiced it as an amateur in the pool, finding my size in the water.

Since I started swimming in the sea just over a decade ago, I have been passionate about this sport, and I increasingly prefer long distances.

I am part of the NAL where it allows me to grow as a sportsman and to transmit my passion to others, trying to teach methods and techniques to play sports safely.

I have been participating for some years in the events of the Gran Fondo Italia, among which the one in the Bocche di Bonifacio is my favorite.

The aspect that fascinates me to practice this sport is that every time it is required to adapt to the environment that is never the same, even if in the same place.

I think doing open water swimming is fascinating because it reflects the metaphor of life: nothing is always the same, everything is changeable, every time it needs to be ready to better interpret the circumstances and adapt to them to overcome them.

What do I expect every time I enter the water? Playing with the waves and having fun.

(Alessandro Spada, September 2019)