Rojas Molina Grabiela, Strai of Bonifacio Swimmer

Born: 24 December1988
Gender: Woman
Country: Venezuela
Crossing Year: 2023
Time: 04 h 41 min 35 sec
Neoprene swimsuit: NO

I’m from Venezuela, but I live in Valencia, Spain. I’ve been swimming all my life. I’ve always loved this sport, but I never felt that I was a particularly skilled swimmer. I started swimming in the sea (as opposed to pools, lakes and rivers) after my husband and I moved to Valencia in 2019. I love the sea, even more so if it’s rough and cold.

There’s something special about swimming from one island to another (or one country to another!), and therefore I was very excited about tackling the Strait of Bonifacio. For me it’s not about racing against the clock or against other swimmers, but instead it’s about completing one’s personal challenge, whatever that may be.

The Strait of Bonifacio was a real challenge, but with the support of friends and family, plus Alessandro and the NAL team, it was a big dream which became a reality.

(Grabiela Rojas Molina, May 2023)

Strait of Bonifacio, Swim Crossing Track of Rojas Molina Grabiela
Swim Crossing Track of Strait of Bonifacio by Rojas Molina Grabiela