Rambaldi Valentina, Strait of Bonifacio swimmer

Born: 11 March 1983
Gender: Woman
Country: Italy
Crossing Year: 2019
Time: Out Of Ranking (no time)
Neoprene swimsuit: NO

I have been swimming for several years and I find the feeling of well-being that water gives me fantastic and irreplaceable, especially when they are open water.

I competed and I train mainly in the pool, in 2018 I met my super coach Alessandro Pilati, thanks to which I participated in my first cross-country race, the 14 kilometers in the Naviglio (half race of the 24.5 km Gran Fondo in Milan , e.n.)

Milan was a new experience that has thrilled and encouraged me to test myself on these distances.

I like to parachute and swim in the sea gives me sensations similar to that of flying. When I am down to earth I like to enjoy the family, the house and my adorable hens. 😀

This crossing of the Bocche di Bonifacio is a great challenge for me, which I prepared by participating in the Gran Fondo di Castellabate and the 24.5k of the Naviglio this year. I can’t wait to get to Sardinia. Yeppa Yeppa!

(Valentina Rambaldi, September 2019)