MEJIA Orlando Ivan, Hall of Fame Strait of Bonifacio

Born:  16 October 1980
Gender: Man
Country: Mexico
Crossing Year: 2023
Time: 5 h 24 min 30 sec
Neoprene swimsuit: NO

My name is Orlando Mejia, I’m from Mexico City (Mexico) and I am an independent financial trader.

I’ve been swimming since I was 15 years old but always wanted to do open water 20 years ago. Unfortunately at that time I never met a professional open water coach to show me the path till I met coach Fernando Urrutia, who listened to my dream and saw potential in me to do great things in this sport.

I chose Strait of Bonifacio cause in Mexico it is an unknown crossing for the open water swimming community. So my coach and I thought that it was a good oportunity to make my debut in an international open water crossing.
Also, I chose the Strait of Bonifacio because as a metaphore departing from France to Italy looked to me as a way of life telling me that I should take the risk and give myself the oportunity to know new cultures and experiences. I have a special and personal bond with France but never had it with Italy, and now I feel that Italy can offer me something new and useful in my life. So I’m ready to give Italy a chance in my life.

(Orlando Ivan Mejia, July 2023)

Swim Crossing Track of Strait of Bonifacio by Mejia Orlando Ivan