Hahn Woernle Florian, Strait of Bonifacio swimmer

Born: 26 July 1979
Gender: Man
Country: Germany
Crossing Year: 2018
Time: 04 h 50 min 00 sec
Neoprene swimsuit: NO

I am German and I live in Zurich, swimming since 2007 thanks also to my wife, a Sardinian woman from Cagliari who made me discover open water swimming. I love the sea and to immerse myself in nature.

Only in 2018 I decided to participate in some events, such as that of last July always in Sardinia over the distance of 10 kilometers. More than competing with or rather comparing myself with others, I like to challenge myself to try what are my limits.

My best swim is in the morning, where the sun has just dawned and the sea is calm and the world has slowed down.

What attracts me about the crossing in the Bocche di Bonifacio is to understand and learn what the sensations will be and what I will feel when I am in the middle of the sea during the swim. It will be my biggest challenge I’ve ever tried to swim.

(Florian Hahn Woernle, September 2018)