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Gran Fondo Bocche di Bonifacio 2021

The crossing of open water swimming from Corsica to Sardinia.

Place: Santa Teresa Gallura.
Day of the crossing: Sunday 25 September 2021.
Alternative days for the crossing: from 26 to 29 September 2021.
Distance: 15 kilometers in line from Corsica to Sardinia.
Organization: by NAL, with collaboration of local associations.
Press Presentation: Tuesday 24 September 2021 at 12:00 am, Santa Teresa Gallura Town Hall.
Briefing: 24 September 2021 at 18:00, Santa Teresa Gallura.
Departure: Sunday 25 September 2021 at 07:00.

Crossing timeline
05.00 am – Meeting.
05.30 am – Transfer by boats to Corsica.
07.00 am – Departure from Plage de Saint-Antoine (Corsica).
1.00 pm – Maximum arrival time, Rena Bianca Beach.
Within 45 minutes after the last arrived – Prize giving
Times and places may vary according to need.

Rules for participants
Limited number of registrations.
Each swimmer must be in compliance with the Competitive Sports Medical Certification, documentation and equipment required by the organization.
The crossing requires registration times which must in any case respect the maximum allowed, equal to 6 hours 00 minutes. If the swimmer decides to continue swimming beyond the permitted limit, he will be subject to a penalty of € 300.00 and the organizer will have no obligation towards him on the schedule of the event program.
Each swimmer must use the ISHOF SaferSwimmer buoyancy aid and visibility support while crossing.
The use of the wetsuit is allowed taking into consideration the general regulations of the Gran Fondo Italia Circuit. If the swimmer uses the wetsuit for the crossing when not foreseen by the regulation, the result of the swimmer will be placed out of the ranking.
The swimmer must independently organize the preparation of the pre / during / post swim integration, which must be delivered to the staff of the boat assigned for the crossing.
The athlete must prepare a waterproof bag to be delivered to the assigned boat, where they can store their clothes inside, containing the change and the necessary for after swimming. The bag must also contain its own valid identity document (Identity Card or Passport).
The athlete must later communicate the data of his boat assistant, who will follow him throughout the crossing on the assigned boat.
For anything not mentioned in these regulations, please refer to the general regulations of the Gran Fondo Italia circuit.

Covid-19 rules
In compliance with the Covid-19 safety rules, each athlete must follow the instructions that the organizer will give before arrival and during the stay of the event.

Boats and Assistance
The crossing is assisted by several motor boats, with control and safety tasks: following the swimmers, supervising the crossing and intervening if necessary.
Each boat has the function of transferring participants to the place of departure, alongside the swimmer or a group of swimmers for the entire route, from the start to a few meters from the finish.
The boats for safety reasons are motor vehicles and are explicitly provided by the organization including skipper. Boats or boats not authorized by the same organization are not allowed.
The boat hosts the skipper and obligatorily a swimmer’s assistant (boat assistant), the latter helps and supports him throughout the crossing. The boat assistant is not provided by the organization.
In cases expressed by the same participant, the boat can follow a maximum of 4 swimmers who proceed together throughout the crossing.

Each member must indicate if he has his own assistant.
Given the possibility of sharing the boat for up to 4 swimmers, the athlete must indicate whether his registration must be associated with other members, indicating their name and surname.
The maximum number of participants is set at a minimum of 10. Each application for registration is confirmed by email by the Organization after the registration has been sent. Official to pay the registration fee.

Entry Fee
The fee differs into four types, based on the number of swimmers per assigned assistance boat.
Each payment is to be made after acceptance of the registration which will be sent by email by the organizer.

SOLO registration (boat with only one swimmer), 3,500.00 euro per swimmerù
DUO registration (boat with two swimmers), 2300.00 euro per swimmer
TRIO registration (boat with three swimmers), 1800.00 euro per swimmer
GROUP registration (boat with four swimmers), 1400.00 euro per swimmer

For Trio and Group, from April 2021 an increase of 50.00 euros per swimmer in the registration fee every week.
Fee reduction for NAL Athletes members: -10% of the fee and no increase.
Fee reduction for women members: -5% of the fee.
The reductions are not cumulative.

The registration fee is not refunded in cases of
– Cancellation of the crossing due to unsuitable weather conditions or other factors external to the Organization that do not allow the crossing to be carried out safely.
– Waiver of the swimmer to take part in the crossing, regardless of the reasons that determine the renunciation.

– Payment of 50% of the registration fee (non-refundable).
– 30 April 2021, TRIO and GROUP registrations.
– 31 May 2020, SOLO and DUO registrations.
– Payment of the remaining 50% by 30 June 2021 (refundable for cancellations received by 30 June 2021).

What does the registration fee include
– Administrative permissions.
– Boat with skipper for assistance throughout the crossing.
– Transfer from the hotel to the meeting place on the morning of the crossing.
– Transfer to departure with the assigned support boat.
– Refreshments at the end of the event.
– Photo shoot of the participating group.
– Memorandum of participation for those who do not go to the prize.
– Nutritional pack and supplement in collaboration with Herbalife24 (CONI partner).
– Pack of the event in collaboration with Erreà.
– One-time 30-minute NAL Base consultation during the preparation period.
– 8% discount on the 30 day NAL Personal Traning Base service (not combinable with other discounts).
– 10% discount on the 90-day NAL Personal Traning Base service (not combinable with other discounts).

For SOLO registrations are included
– Personalized advice during the period of the event.
– Body impedance analysis.
– Nutritional and integrative advice.

Anything not mentioned in the registration fee is not included.

Logistic information
For those departing from the mainland it is recommended to arrive by car via Olbia, by plane or ferry. Distance from Olbia to the hotel approx. 65 km (1 hour 15 minutes by car).
Another place of arrival as an alternative to Olbia is Alghero by plane, where you can rent a car. Distance from Alghero to the hotel approx. 135 km (2 hours 15 minutes by car).
There are special agreements dedicated to participants and their companions for accommodation in hotels and apartments at Residence La Contessa.

The Gran Fondo Bocche di Bonifacio is one of the stages of the Gran Fondo Italia 2021, a national Open Water Swimming circuit of long distance events.

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Sep 25 2021


07:00 - 13:00


Santa Teresa Gallura