Catani Damien, Strait of Bonifacio swimmer

Born: 10 July 1979
Gender: Man
Country: France
Crossing Year: 2020
Time: 4 h 39 min 09 sec
Neoprene swimsuit: YES

We will probably all remember 2020 as a tough year. I had planned to swim the Straits of Gibraltar. I’m not a terrific swimmer but I enjoy pushing my comfort zone. Then the Covid-19 came, and the lockdown with no chance to train properly. I didn’t want to give up on my project but Morocco closed its frontier so Gibraltar was not possible anymore.
The Covid-19 had impacted my professional and personal lives already and I didn’t want to let it make further damages. Beat Covid, that was the plan! I got in touch with Alessandro to plan a solo swim across the Straits of Bonifacio.
Let’s see how it goes and whether I make it or not – but in any case Covid-19 didn’t win! #nosurrender

(Damien Catani, September 2020)