Albanese Chiara, Strait of Bonifacio swimmer

Born: 22 May 1985
Gender: Woman
Country: Italy
Crossing Year: 2018
Time: 06 h 22 min 00 sec
Neoprene swimsuit: NO

I like to dive wherever there is water because I love swimming. I decided to try this crossing, a business for me because I like the idea of swimming across the sea from one country to another, but also because I have broken everyone’s boxes so much that I really have to do it.

The most beautiful swim for me is for me the one I still have to do. Each swim is special in its own way: from the 7 kilometers in the pool before a long day at work, to the escapes in the open water on the weekend with my friend Adriana (Lamberti, e.n.) with the aim of arriving to go to the ice cream shop, to the one for which you have to run 3 kilometers along Lake Como to reach a swimming beach while colleagues are on a lunch break.

Small curiosity: nobody has ever understood how it is possible that I swim so much and at the same time it is so slow … maybe Alessandro Pilati knows it. 🙂

(Chiara Albanese, September 2018)