The swimming race Strait of Bonifacio is performed on the 13,5 kilometer track and reflects the classic route of
the swimming crossing of the Strait of Bonifacio, departing from Corsica (France) and arriving in Sardinia
The race is a non-competitive event, it is organized by NAL Asd in Santa Teresa Gallura (ITALY).

Day of the crossing: Saturday 24 September 2022.
Alternative days for the crossing: 25 to 27 September 2022.
Distance: 15 kilometers in line from Corsica to Sardinia.
Features: Western Mediterranean sea, Straits of the Bocche di Bonifacio.
Press Presentation: Friday 23 September 2022 at 12:00 AM Santa Teresa G. Town Hall.
Briefing: 23 September 2022 at 4:00 PM, Santa Teresa Gallura
In the event of bad weather and sea conditions that not allow the safe realization of the crossing, the
organization will change the crossing from 25 to 27 Semptember or prepare a safe route in Santa Teresa
Gallura, under the coast, of a variable distance between 10 and 15 km.

05:00 AM Meeting.
05:30 AM Transfer by boat to Corsica.
07:00 AM Start from Plage de Saint-Antoine (Corsica).
12:30 AM Arrival to Rena Bianca beach. (Max. time) Awards Ceremony
Within 45 minutes after the last arrived
04:00 PM Photo shoot and athlete interviews
Times and places may vary according to needs.

The organizer plans and manages the assistance and safety in the water of the athlete who must be followed
and supervised from the start to the finish.
The crossing is assisted by several motor boats for safety: following the swimmers, supervising the crossing
and intervene in case of need. For safety reasons the boats must be motor vehicles.
Each boat has the function of transferring the participants to the place of departure, alongside the swimmer
or a group of swimmers along the entire course, from the start up to a few meters from the finish.
Boats not authorized by the same organization are not allowed.
The boat hosts the skipper and obligatorily an assistant of the swimmer (boat assistant), the latter helps and
supports him throughout the crossing. The boat assistant is not provided by the organization.
In the cases expressed by the same participant, the boat can follow a maximum of 3 swimmers who proceed
together throughout the crossing or host 3 swimmers for the relay formula.

The ranking is unique, the first three swimmers are awarded.
The final results will be promptly published online on the website
Each swimmer receives the participation prize, the certificate of the crossing, the publication of his profile on
the Hall of Fame.

Despite being a non-competitive event, the crossing requires a maximum times to finish the race, equal to 5
hours 30 minutes. At the end of the maximum time all swimmers must, without fail, end the race and get back
on their support boat, under penalty of payment of a penalty set, as of now, at 500,00 euro as well as being
liable for other possible actions taken by the competent authorities.
Each swimmer must use ISHOF SaferSwimmer visibility and floating support when crossing.
The swimmer must independently organize the preparation of the pre / during / post swim integration, which
must be delivered to the staff of the boat assigned for the crossing.
The athlete must prepare a waterproof bag to be delivered to the assigned boat, where to store his / her
clothing inside, containing the change and the necessary for the after swim. The bag must also contain its
own valid identity document (Identity Card or Passport).
The athlete must subsequently communicate the data of his own Boat Assistant, who will follow him
throughout the crossing on the assigned boat.

It is admitted the use of goggles, caps, briefs for men and a one-piece swimsuit for women or full-length
swimwear for both genders, as long as the swimsuit does not cover the neck, extends beyond the shoulders
and / or below the ankles , as per current FINA regulations.

It is not admitted swimsuits in fabric that have even minimal parts of neoprene or similar materials that make
it easier for the athlete to float in the water are prohibited.


The race includes the 4 formulas:
SOLO – 3800,00 euro per swimmer
To the swimmer is assigned a personal boat that follows him throughout the race at a safe distance. The boat
will have a skipper, a swimmer and a boat assistant.
DUO – 2000,00 euro per swimmer
A boat follows two swimmers, who must proceed together staying close to each other within 5 meters of each
other and at a safe distance from the boat. The boat will have a skipper, two swimmers and a boat assistant.
TRIO – 1400,00 euro per swimmer
A boat follows three swimmers, who must proceed together staying close to each other within 5 meters of
each other and at a safe distance from the boat. The boat will have a skipper, three swimmers and a boat
A boat follows 2 to 4 swimmers, who alternate with each other and remain at a safe distance from the boat.
The boat is expected to have a skipper, from 2 to 4 swimmers. The presence of the boat assistant is not
foreseen because a member of the swimmers group will be available to assist those in the water.
The registration is a closed number for security reasons. The regulation establishes a maximum number of 10
race boats (separately those of security) for about 10-34 participants, defined as follows:
• SOLO category: up to a maximum of 10 swimmers;
• DUO category: up to a maximum of 20 swimmers;
• TRIO category: up to a maximum of 30 swimmers;
• RELAY category: up to a maximum of 4 relays (8-16 swimmers).

The organizer reserves the right to modify said number of participants in relation to the permanence of the
same safety conditions at sea.
The registration request is examined by the organizer who evaluates the conditions for confirming the
athlete’s registration.
Each swimmer must comply with the Agonistic Sports Medical Certification, the documentation and
equipment required by the organization.
The registration date of the member is determined by the date of sending the data, the documents requested
and the payment of the registration fee.

Registration can only be done by filling in the appropriate form which must be received no later than 15 May

However, registrations may also be closed before May 15, 2022, once the maximum number of athletes that
can be accepted has been reached.



The registration fee must be received no later than the following deadlines, under penalty of exclusion from
the race:
• 500,00 euro as down payment per swimmer to enter the race
• Before 30 April 2022, (non-refundable) payment of 50% race fee
• Before 31 May 2022 race fee balance
Race fee is refundable only for the 80% of the total amount. Cancellations by e-mail must be received before
30 June 2022. After this date no refund is granted.
The cancellation of the crossing due to unsuitable marine meteorological conditions or other factors external
to the Organization that do not allow the crossing to be carried out safely does not give the right to
reimbursement of the registration fee
In case of impossibility to participate in the race, the swimmer can:
• postpone his/her participation by 30 July 2022 to the 2023 race (additional costs may be incurr)
• pass his/her registration by 30 July 2022 to another swimmer (additional costs may be incurr;
additional documantation needed)


In the face of the health emergency to counter the spread of the Covid-19 virus and its variants, each athlete
must comply with:
• the DPCM in force in Italy relating to coronavirus security measures,
• the Italian provisions of the Department of Sport of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers,
• the Italian Protocols and the Regulations of the FMSI (Italian Sports Medicine Federation).

In addition, for the day of the event the athlete and the staff following must be in compliance with the no-
covid self-declaration sent and delivered to the organization on time.